X5 (e70)

BMW servicing, repairs, performance upgrades and remapping carried out at our premises located at Thruxton Race Circuit, near Andover, Hampshire.


This page covers the following models produced between 2007-2013…

  • BMW X5 M / V8 4.4 Twin Turbo


West Tuning uses genuine BMW drive belts, transmission fluids and filter elements (air, oil, fuel & tiptronic).

Type Oil Service Inspection 1 Inspection 2
Total (ex VAT) £TBC £TBC £TBC
Total (inc VAT) £TBC £TBC £TBC
Check Lights x x x
Check Fluid Levels x x x
Check Tyre & Brake Wear x x x
Lubricate Hinges, Catches & Locks x x x
Read Fault Codes x x x
Replace Oil & Filter x x x
Replace Brake Fluid x x
Replace Particulate Filter x x
Replace Air Filter x
Replace Coolant x
Replace Serpentine Belt x

Optional service items carried out at an additional fixed cost…

Item Cost (ex VAT) Cost (inc VAT)
Change Wiper Blades £TBC £TBC
Check wheel alignment £TBC £TBC
Change Power Steering Fluid £TBC £TBC
Change Gearbox Oil (Manual transmission) £TBC £TBC
Change CVT Fluid (Automatic transmission) £TBC £TBC
Change Spark Plugs (Recommended 100k Miles) £TBC £TBC
Change Lambda Sensor (Recommended 100k Miles) £TBC £TBC

Performance Upgrades

WEST Tuning Stage 1 Remap
Fully Fitted Price (ex VAT): Contact Us
Fully Fitted Price (inc VAT): Contact Us
west_ecuA WEST Tuning Stage 1 Remap will unlock new levels of power and torque, improving all-round drivability of your vehicle.


Fully Fitted Price (ex VAT): Contact Us
Fully Fitted Price: (inc VAT): Contact Us


Bespoke Nitron Coilover Solution
Fully Fitted Price (ex VAT): Contact Us
Fully Fitted Price (inc VAT): Contact Us
bespoke-buttonWorking closely with Nitron we can tailor a setup to exactly suit your needs. Whether it be 24hr endurance racing or the ultimate in road car handling.